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multimedia PC reformat


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Hello - long time no post.

I am just wondering about reformatting for a friend of mine...

Thing is they have this freaky Acer that is a multimedia beast with FM radio and TV built in as well as PC.... They mainly just use it as a PC though.

Anyway - just curious if I reformat will the dial up facilities that are built in pre-boot to go direct to the media centres still operate or be lost? I think they seem to be BIOS driven and not anyway near the XP OS since they seem to come up without showing the POST screen.

But could I be wrong?

not sure fo make and model - but it's a P4 3.2GHz


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That should just be an add-in card that you should be able to see when you do re-install.

Even if it is not an add-in the reformat should not hurt it.


Debiant by way of Ubuntu
thanks falcon - as a follow up which I may make new thread elsewhere - I turned on BIOS option to detect MBR writing activity and it is happening every POST... is that part of this setup? I ask because there were a number of VIRII on the machine when I reached it (all gone now I hope!)

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