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msview folder in xp


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Brian, what types of files? How about a screenshot of the contents of the folder.

tzepp and Sean might be on the right track. Every result points to a virus/malware of some sort.


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To take a screenshot press ALT+Prt Scr on your keyboard (make sure Windows Explorer is the active window).

Then open up MS Paint or a similar program. Paste and save it.

Post it here as an attachment.


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I deleted your last post. The files you attached were indeed viruses of some sort. I recommend running a virus scan in Safe Mode.

To boot to Safe Mode press F8 right before the Windows Boot Screen appears.

Make sure your virus def's are up-to-date before booting to Safe Mode.

You should also run an anti-spyware program of sort (my current favorite is Microsoft AntiSpyware, others include Ad-Aware and Spybot).


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i wondered where my post went to
i run adaware and spybot every day and neither find them
some things that are in that folder are related to xp aswell and related to programs i have downloaded


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Brian, yes, never attach files that could be harmful to others. Just a head's up.

Anyway, have you run a virus scan? Such as Norton AntiVirus?


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sorry matt that was the only way i could show you something of what was in the folder because i could not do a screenshot
i have run antivirus and it says nothing is found, can i not just delete the whole folder


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Delete the contents and the folder MSVIEW

Click Start, Run, type in MSCONFIG, and press Enter
Click the Startup tab
Look for any thing that points to that directory. Uncheck any thing that does.
Press OK and reboot

Delete Temp Internet Files, Cookies, and History.

Delete the contents of C:\WINDOWS\Temp

Delete the contents of C:\Documents and Settings\username\Local Settings\Temp

What anti-virus software are you using?

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