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while doing some research on another issue
I stumbled across some threads about this => msvcrt.dll
and the multiple crashes it can cause when this files is corrupted
as many of the crashes seemed familiar
(ie most of them, something like "... Explorer has caused an error" )

and , as in the posts I read = there are multiple msvcrt.dll in multiple folders
(not all the same size or same date)
and sadly = all the various instructions on how to 'replace them all'
seemed confusing/dangerous/hard to do

so - here I am, asking you experts
what should I do


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This file can be installed with a number of products including (but not limited to) Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Updater, SecureCRT, and a basic Windows installation.

If in fact the file you are having a problem with is the one located in C:\WINDOWS\system32 then I suggest running System File Checker (Start, Run, cmd, sfc /scannow).

However, if the file you are having a problem with is located else where on the system then you will need to reinstall the application that is using this paticular extension.


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You could try, but I would assume some of them may be in use.

Do you have a specific error that is even pointing you to this file as the root cause?


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I wouldn't suggest that because they may be different versions.

As I said, SFC /SCANNOW will fix the one in the system32 directory.

Or you can copy the one from SP2 (extract the files first) and re-register the file.

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