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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Punkychan, Feb 21, 2005.

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    247 happened I turned on my pc yesterday morning and there...a dialogue saying my msn messenger needs update because there is a newer version.Okay...since it's MS., I updated it and clicking the dialogue box which says '~~~trust Microsoft something something.....the software starts to install by itself then all the trauma happened.There was an open browser which sent me to search all the porns ( I swear no porn on my pc ) ran Adware and Spybot plus MS's Antispyware - detected - eliminated - restarted my pc and there again on startup - that damn porn browser - again ran all the anti spywares and then it was over.By that time I'd spent almost 1 hour to clear all the mess before I could get to proper use of my pc..what's this ? was it really from ms messenger ?? or been hijacked somewhere ??
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    I doubt if MS had anything to do with that. Probably a coincidence that it happened while updating Messenger. Have you tried running hijackthis? Download it here.

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    i think it was msn plus that told you u need an update maybe, but yeah there wasa recent msn messenger update. if it was msn plus maybe u accepted the sponsor program, but i dont think it would open porn, i think this was somthing else. does anyone else try to use ur pc?
  4. Punkychan

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    no..I'm the only person in the house and yeah..strange though but I swear it was clean on prior to that update...nothing much you know...I've got it all cleaned up now but just a matter of curiosity.....
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    I think the moral of the story is - dump messenger? :p I know I do, hate the way it is embedded, even if some say it is teh superior IM, I prefer others meyself, then unify them under Miranda (can use Trillian if you prefer)... you may find one of these helps "protect" you.... also do go to the Giant beta still available from M$ - that should help protect you from any recurrence...
  6. IDLE

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    in the recent week or so MSN has had some weird viruses....prolly could have been the issue.
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