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msn gay popup!


High On Life!
whats this I am too ignorant to use another word thing that keeps poping up its gay its says messenger service so im thinking its from msn cuz it happens always when im online in msn.

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i think we need to blow up the pic of the search button to 800x600 and make it flash with red arrows pointing at it ;)
but glad u got it fixed :p

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Evil Marge

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You make it sound so easy to search but what if you don't know what your looking for?
I had same problem a few weeks ago but cause I didn't know exactly what it was I was searching for I just typed "Disable messenger pop-ups" and the result was "Sorry no matches found"
Ended up asking somewhere else and was told what it was.


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Just search for "messenger" and it will come up with pages of answers, all basically saying that you need to disable the messenger service using services.msc and that it won't change the way msn messenger works, as they aren't the same thing.


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We should just put it as a sticky article on the front page. (I actually don't think that's a bad idea :D )

Microsoft really ****ed up with their naming scheme on this one.. idiots.

Perris Calderon

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ok guys...it's allright not to use the search button

the way I see it, just about every issue with xp has been addressed on this board.

if everybody used the search button, I'd be out of a job, and then I wouldn't be able to pay my rent, would I.

ok mafia

hit the windows key+r

type "sevices.msc"

scroll down to messenger, and dissable

hit apply

I hope that works for you.

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