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MSN 7 - Official yo!


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I am downloading it now, I never really cared for MSN. I remember the horrid GUI and the stupid ads, and they msn today. ugh....why am I downlading this :s


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well, it looks better. It still is missing a lite feeling to it, and seems a bit clunky. I'll stick with trillian :D


heh, am I the only one still using (when I use it, usually use trillian) Windows Messenger 5.1... ? My biggest complaints about MSN Messenger are the f**ked names people use! the ads, tabs.. etc..


I have installed the official latest version of MSN messenger 7 it just don't work, so I will stick with 6.2 and wait a few months for some future releases.


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thekore said:
im using the beta just now... anyone know if there are any major differences or am i going to have to download it :p
Umm, if the user is online in your list in the main MSN window, you can see his/her display pictures. You can adjust the sizes too.

MSN7 also has the feature where if you are listening to a song using WMP10, it will show up below your name.

That's all I could think of. :)
i like the wmp10 feature....and the handwritting thing and personalized away messages. even tho MSN plus can give u those its good that MSN has integrated it without need for plugins
I'm not a big fan of Microsoft products, but this Messenger 7 has some pretty neat features. And the ads and other gunk you don't want can easily be removed.

Take a look through this site, it has pretty much everything you'll need or want to use to modify Messenger. There you'll find many cosmetic patches to remove the tabs and ads and garbage.

One neat feature is the new "Personal Message". Microsoft was pretty lame and made it only support Windows Media Player, but I did find this program which allows the music information to be displayed using Winamp. In my search I noticed a few other folks had made versions for iTunes and other players as well, if Winamp's not your thing.

Resource - www.mess.be - Loads of Messenger Stuff

Download Toaster - Modify "Personal Message" for use with Winamp

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Kr0m said:
heh, am I the only one still using (when I use it, usually use trillian) Windows Messenger 5.1... ? My biggest complaints about MSN Messenger are the f**ked names people use! the ads, tabs.. etc..
I sometimes use Windows Messenger 4.7.3001 that came with XP SP2 but mostly use Netmeeting.
It is nice to hear the phone ringing sound when someone calls on Netmeeting.


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This is better than AIM, mostly for the reason that it don't install a bunch of spyware and malware garbage with it ..
Haven't installed the final build myself either, but I'm quite certain it doesn't support true offline messaging. I believe you can have messages sent to your cellphone or forwarded to your email inbox when you're offline, and that's about it.

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