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Msn 6.0.0268 ad remover ?

Howling Wolf

We did not deserve this !
I can't install the patch from Mess.be, I get an error (see attached image). Does anyone encountered the same error, or know why is that ?
Thanx !
yeah, i totally agree, the ads are annoying... but its like saying "does at+t really need to sell more phone lines? they got hundreds of customers and money already"

if they were able to be disabled, MSN would do it themselves as an option surely?

Plus, Microsoft have said previously that they dont mind people making add-ons for messenger, but editing the exe file is against the rules.
Microsoft have said previously that they dont mind people making add-ons for messenger
hmm thats why they blocked the way msn plus works with msn. M$ has put in stuff so that msn plus didnt work with this version... so they dont mind but dont let you use the best plugin there is
there is a new version of msn plus which apparantly works fine with msn6

thats like asking why the uxtheme patch file doesnt work with 2003 server - newer versions of software often use different coding to achieve same thing - MS would call it optimisation... joe user would say "if it aint broke dont fix it".

If microsoft really cared about people making add-ons, they wouldnt've released the code to the extent that they did.

but if ive had this conversation once, ive had it a million times...
it is basically a crack to make the program do something that it doesnt normally do - no cd crack for gta3... no advert crack for msn messenger - kinda the same thing imo... they both have the potential to reduce revenue for the software's manufacturers.

XP Abuser

well basically they aint losing money cuz their advertising themselves... msn music, msn messenger (kind of stupid idea) MSN, BLA DE BLAH SO BASICALLY WHO GIVES A ****. LOL :)

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