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So I am trying to play a blu-ray with MPCHC (Serenity) and for some reason there is no English track. It has every other language and other sound tracks but no English.

Anyone know why this would be?
Yea I am using those. The file plays just fine, there just is no English Track, when there should be?
click on the madvr icon is it not listed there? how are you opening the file are you using the m2ts or the playlist?

How are you getting around the protections on the disc? Are you using the latest version of anydvdhd or dvdfab?

Are you watching it direct from the disc or ripping it to hdd first?

I always select the largest m2ts file and it always selects eng.

You could always post on doom9 and see if others have had issues with that disc

take a look here - madVR - Settings, Configuration, Tutorial - HomeCinema-HD - just to make sure you have things set as they should be.

Normally I un-tick all internal filters and put LAV in the external filters as preferred can you post some screens of your settings?

Here is how mine is setup


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I am opening up the m2ts file straight from the disc. And have AnyDVDHD running.

I have a great set-up on madvr and other filters, from a post here. Everything works fine, except for this. It's an odd issue. I am going to try another disc to see if it happens again. Might be only this one.
What versions of madVR and LAV Filters do you have?

The latest, they were just installed a month or 2 ago.

Just ran another movie (Fifth Element) and the sound is working but now it's skipping. The other movie played just fine. This is weird.
LAV Filters 0.50.1 (released 2012/03/29)
madVR v0.82.5 (released 2012/04/01)

If you have those versions the only other thing I can think of is to try the newest beta version of AnyDVDHD - - is this the old version or the newer version they brought out? I have been reading that the new version is giving people issues
I will see what version exactly I am running and update.

I am running on AnyDVD so that must be the newer version.
AnyDVD (HD) beta
This version *will* work in trial mode.

Download here: 2012 04 13
- New (Blu-ray): Updated decryption keys
- New (Blu-ray): Support for new BD+ protection
- New (Blu-ray): Support for new Java based protection
- New (DVD): Support for new copy protections
- Fix (Blu-ray): Online connection was required for certain discs,
where it shouldn't be necessary
- Fix (Blu-ray): Speedmenu could crash with certain Blu-ray discs
- Change (Blu-ray): Removed limit of max. 64 title keys
- Some minor fixes and improvements
- Updated languages

Note: MI:4 Ghost Protocol DVD is not yet supported.

I would say give that one a try, it's the one I had to use to view a few of the newer blurays i have bought recently.

If that doesn't help I would suggest posting on doom9 or avs fourms
Also, how do you upgrade MadVR? Do I uninstall it first, then install the new one. Copy the new one into the old one's folder?
yes just copy the files into the same folder, overwrite the files that are there, and your good to go :)
None of that made any difference.

Might just be 2 bad discs? They are in perfect condition, but who knows.
i would try some other dics, if more do the same thing i would say its a config issue somewhere, only other thing i can think of is to get latest nvidia/ati/intel drivers, and grab the latest stable version of MPC-HC
Avatar seems to be running perfect. Though there isn't one singular file to play, many different files. But I guess some movies are just like that.
try ripping it to hard drive, I normally use eac3to to do that, then play the file from there, see if it still does it or try it from the playlist, my thinking is that maybe the m2ts doesn't have the information in it to point to the English track, and the playlist might, if ripping it to the disc with eng audio only doesn't work then there is something wrong somewhere
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