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[Movie Review] V for Vendetta


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Wow, I am pleasantly surprised with how good this movie is. I mean how often is it that a couple of guys strike gold with a sci fi epic, waste all of the good will they built up on a couple of lackluster sequels, get a new project, have it delayed cause it might suck ass and when it finally does get released, it's good? And not just good for the Matrix guys either (The Wachowski's adapted it, it was directed by one of the Matrix AD's), this is a good movie all around. Amazing effects, the performances are great, especially Hugo Weaving who acts without use of his face the entire time. It also has a killer story... That of a man who escapes a government prison facility after a battery of horrible tests and over the course of twenty years extracts his revenge. All taking place at a time eerily similar to our own. I know lots of people are going to think this is a political movie, a parable to our own times but the source material was written long before GWB came to power... Maybe Alan Moore was just waaaaaaaay ahead of his time. All in all a great movie, 4/5 OSNN Stars


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Natalie P is definitely hot ;)

I wasn't really into seeing this, but I watched a special on MTV about it and I think I changed my mind - looks rather good :)


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saw it two days ago, was verry sleepy so i don't know how much of it i actually missed, but couple of things that i didnt like about it,
1.never got to see his face
2.did this guy work at a shawerma stand before applying for this role?
3.didnt really undresstand the point of the movie, maybe it was because i was asleep


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themafia.69 said:
1.never got to see his face
2.did this guy work at a shawerma stand before applying for this role?
3.didnt really undresstand the point of the movie, maybe it was because i was asleep
1. He doesn't have a face, and you do get to see it, sort of.
2. What?
3. Yeah, I didn't think you would :p


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Grandmaster said:
1. He doesn't have a face, and you do get to see it, sort of.
Exactly :)

And the fact that he did such a fabulous job w/o even having the advantage of showing his face or even his eyes demonstrates what a quality actor Hugo Weaving is


3. Yeah, I didn't think you would :p
lol, ah you're so harsh :cool:

The point of the movie is self-apparent. I think it is disingenius to have to explain it to anyone.

I completely forgot about the existence of this thread :)

I'll wait for more to view this flick but essentially the movie is an eye-opener in many ways.

There are parallels to the world we live in today but is this incidental or intentional? :)

The acting is great and the music is well used but what really got me was the cinematography. The use of visuals in this movie is exceptional and the segue's as things come together for Finch really demonstrate all facets of this. I also particularly enjoyed the various exchanges throughout between the characters. Are they good? Bad? Or just ugly?


Give it a good 4/5 OSNN stars. Excellent movie. Please leave all idealogy at the door before viewing though.


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Incindental, you have to remember this was written in response to a Thatcher run Parliament, and way back in the 80's.


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The movie and the comic have similarities and differences.

There is a reason the original author disowned the movie.

The parallels to thatcher's psuedo-authoritarian government v/s the parallels drawn to various despots over the years (primarily hitler) in V are different than those in the comic. At least different enough to discount Thatcher's reign as being the primary influence. The movie relies more on a hitler-esque visual feast which is abundantly clear in the marching scenes, the speeches, the get-up, the research facility and the auschwitz-like "shower" and detention centers.


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1. yeah he was a very good actor even without the face
the reason i say this is because u have to slice the meat off of the shawerma stand, thats what he was doing the whole time, slicing people with his weapons lol


High On Life!
i thought u might of got it from the begining, when i said it in the movie theater it was actually quite funny, cuz i said it in arabic, much funnier in arabic


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Copy/paste from the blog:


V for Vendetta is an entertaining, superbly acted, and wonderfully made thriller. In short, it's one of those rare intelligent blockbusters.

The Politics

The core of the movie is about the following question:

Can a terrorist be a hero?
V's answer to this question is a big "yes". Yes, a terrorist can be a hero. Yes, violence is justified, it might even be necessary in the fight against oppressive regimes. In the words of V, "blowing up a building can change the world."

Think about (even though V has some British architecture in mind) how relevant that is to our world today.

There are futher references to current world events. Obvious references to the Bush administration, Avian flu, attacks on the subway, the systematic persecution of gays and Muslims, unethical pharmaceutical companies, conservative pundits cynically cultivating fear, news channels devoted to hatred and intolerance (complete with a Bill O' Reilly-esque anchor), vivid allusions to Abu Ghraib and references to Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria - it's all inside.

V is a terrorist, but is a government that controls its people through fear morally superior? Wasn't the Boston Tea Party terrorism in service of liberty? When do we call terrorism heroism? Ultimately, the political questions that you will have while watching V for Vendetta are what make the movie great to watch.

If you give don't give a **** about the politics, there are still some aspects of the movie that you might enjoy, but I don't think you'd enjoy it as much as I did.

The Good

Hugo Weaving is superb as V and deserves special praise for agreeing to spend the entire film behind a Guy Fawkes mask. I knew there was something Agent Smith-ish about V's delivery, and I was happy to see Weaving in the credits. Portman is equally good while playing Evey and she provides some nice eye candy, as well ;)

The action sequences were slickly choreographed, with V's steel knives slashing everything in sight, and beautiful, satisfying explosions.

The script is intelligent, slightly bordering on being a bit too talky, but it's focused more on character building than explosions.

I also enjoyed several references that were made to 1984 (the party motto, the "Big Brother" screens). I'm sure there are many more that I'd pick up if I watched the movie again.

The Bad

The film is not without it's flaws. The love story felt entirely useless to me. There were a few moments where V and Evey talk about things like life and art, and other crap. V for Vendetta would have been a better movie without them.

I have a feeling this comes from the Wachowski brothers habit of trying to be too intellectual and philosophical.
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From what I have heard this movie is not as much about action as it is plot and thinking, something the Wachoski brothers seem to have a lock on. Definitely plan on seeing it now tho.


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The wachowski brothers don't have a lock on jack.

I think you are forgetting about the trash called the matrix recraploaded and the matrix recrapolutions :cool:

Cgi FTL !!!

V for Vendetta wasn't even an original idea or plot or thinking by the bro's, it was a re-imagining and moving into the modern era of a succesful comic. The matrix, that was a classic and I will give them credit for it, that's about it.

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