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[Movie Review] King Kong *pending*

Perris Calderon

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Re: king kong

Grandmaster said:
I've heard nothing but great stuff about it. Wow.
I heard nothing but raves also, but I didn't know anyone personally that saw it

from the first scene, the male lead is just awful to me, you can see his lipstick and ruby cheek makeup, I suppose that might be the effect they're going for, but it's lost on me, I would have walked out sooner, but I kins of thought I better give it a chance

I put up with it as long as I could stand, it didn't get better...I figured I'd wait for Kong to see if I could get into it.

the Kong affects were ridiculous, the dinosaurs were even more ridiculous.

about the time Kong grabs what's her name and totes her around like a Barbi doll, yanking her hard enough to break the neck of a rhinoceros, I had enough..I waited about two more scenes, the dinosaurs looked like cartoons and I just had to leave.

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F@H - Is it in you?
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Re: king kong

I'm still gonna watch it sometime this week or the next :cool:

Will write up a full review after.


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I hated the movie. Absolute worst movie ever. Me and my friends went to it after going to Chronicles of Narnia, and we all walked out. Luckily we each only had a $1 loss, because the tickets on moviefone.com only cost us $1 per ticket.

It's a real shame, because Jack Black is a pretty good actor.

Evil Marge

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I don't know why they insist on remaking all these films theses days,does nobody have original ideas anymore??

Anyway I always cry while watching King Kong,it's too sad when he gets hurt and they attack him so no way am I gonna this one :cry:
:rolleyes: :laugh:

Son Goku

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I didn't think it was too, terribly bad. As I said elsewhere, it was OK... It was long however, and not as good as Narnia, or Peter Jackson's prior movies (LotR trilogy).

I'll just pull my post from there...

The movie wasn't bad, though a bit long (aka I needed to go to the bathroom twice during it; partly attributable (the first time) however that I had gone to the theater directly from the resturant. Some scenes were a bit drawn out (not sure the first movie was that long actually, though I hadn't seen it since I was a kid, so that's possibly why.


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perris said:
couldn't sit through it
You sound like me when I went to see Edward Scissorhands, I fell asleep ten minutes into it. I still can't stand that movie .. I don't think I want to see king kong either ..

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