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Motorola Phonebook


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As most of you probably already know, Motorola sucks when it comes to the phonebook. Dosent allow you to have one name, with to entries or more underneath.

I'm wondering if there is some java app that has a good phonebook thing. >?


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How do you do that, in my phonebook, if I have someones house and cell, it would be too different entries. How do you make it your way.


Bow Down to the King
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You can add multiple numbers per name (as Venom said).

Simply add your numbers to each name. Go into Phonebook Setup and then change the View option to "Primary Contacts".

Then to change the primary number for each contact you simply highlight the name in the phonebook and press the over button (you will notice the phone image change to a house, building, or cell).


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yea but what if something happens to the phone, or u upgrade, how are u soppose to save all your numbers?


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If you upgrade they can transfer the numbers for you without having to use the SIM. To be safe you should use MPT to make a backup of your phonebook.

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