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It's complex.

I still don't understand people's fascination with this. Yes, its a kewl concept but there are so many things that could cause this keyboard to be a flop.

The oil on the keys, the oleds and circuitary, power draw, weight. I mean come on.

I love the g-15 and the lcd screen. I love the backlit keys. I love the g-keys as well but I am really struggling to see how the heck oled keys make something better. I mean how much time do we really spend looking at the keys?

The blue backlight is a nice visual touch for me, I am not sure if I want a multi-color thinger on my desk.

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Westlake Village (CA) - The famous Optimus OLED keyboard may actually be coming to the market in May, but only in a miniature version for now. Dubbed the Optimus mini three, the keyboard will have three keys with miniature OLED screens on top. Art Lebedev Studios, the makers of the keyboard, has begun taking pre-orders and says it will ship the keyboard on May 15.
Mini-keyboard? Meh... My current keyboard is getting on in years (it's actually old enough to be PS/2 if that gives any idea on age). But still, for a desktop, a full sized keyboard is easier to manage. The keyboard on my friend's laptop, is easy enough for me to have a slight effort keeping my rather largish fingers on the right keys, and to be able to tell by feel, that my fingers have gotten to the right ones :eek:

Perhaps someone with dankly lil hands... I have large/fat fingers by comparison to some people... 3 additional keys doesn't sound that impressive either.
haha, yeah I remember using that keyboard. Has that very satisfying "CLICK CLUNK" sound ever time you hit a key. heavy though...
I learned how to type on a typewritter. I cannot get used to the soft-touch keyboards - even though I've already worn out 3 of them (key letters not visible) I have yet to see a worn out IBM key.