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Monitor with problems [ Microscan G500 Professional 15' ]


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Monitor with problems [ Microscan G500 Professional 15'' ]

An hour ago while I was watching some pics on net my monitor simply flashed ( this happened also in the past and after doing that I was turning it off and then on and that was ko ) .
Now the image started to decrease and after that monitor turned off , and then after I press power it sounds an signal and nothing happends .. I ahve turned off pc also and haven't tried to start it again , came to my other pc to ask you about what can i do and what can be safe to do .

I think there are some settings wrong cause that's why that signal sounds like ( bip - bip ) . . and here are troubleshooting details gived by the company >>>

Warning messages | Possible causes | What to do
1. Input signal out input signal of H-sync Monitor will be in protect
of range or V-sync is larger or mode.
smaller than it's normal
mode .
2. Check video | VGA cable is not | Check VGA cable . This
cable properly connected OSD message will stay on
screen until VGA cable is
connected to PC or the power switch is turned off .

What can be done ? If you need more details please tell me . major thanks , Cosmin .
I think it's the high-voltage part that has gone bye-bye. The bip-bip (pretty quiet?) is the high-voltage trying to reach the correct voltage and failing if I understand it correctly.

Basically it's trash. Sorry.


Graphic Designer
Warranty expired one month ago :eek: ..
Yes the bip bip sound pretty quiet ( led from power button turns on a second and after turns off ) .. I've tried to connect it to the other pc and the same circumstances ..
What can be done , or can be done something in this moment ? ( recommandations for 17'' if it's the final decision .. hope not ) .. Those from warranty what could do in this situation ..

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