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Monitor Lines and fields



I have a problem...

I have circular lines on both left and right sides of my monitor, only visible at certain colors... (fe: white) (like a magnetic field)...

I moved almost every object in the area, without the lines beiing moved or bent. When I rotate my monitor, the lines do move or bend a little. Degause does not help.

I have an athlon pc, with video and sound card and 350W power supply... Nothing special about it, and not to many cards init at all...

My 17" monitor, about a year old I think, stand about 15 cm from my PC...

Next to my Monitor are two small satelites speakers, very small, about 12W RMS, at least 15-20 cm from my monitor...
The receiver of these satelites is even farther away from my monitor...
I have a HIFI installation connected to my pc, and it stands, with the speakers, behind me, at least 1.5/2 meters...
Bellow my desk (+/-30cm from my monitor) is a smaller subwoofer of only 30W RMS...
My television is at least 5m away, and my printer at least 2m...
I cannot think of any additional magnetic devices in the area...

Any IDs?


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Do you have another monitor that you can swap with to see if it's the monitor that's giving you problems? Or another Computer that you can plug the Monitor in question into?


It's not my pc, since I changed from a TNT2 to a GeForce Ti 500... Same result... And the problem remains if I connect like: GeForce -> MPEG Card > Monitor...

I do have another monitor... also gives these lines.

I am a little experienced in electonics, programming and fysics...
But I don't know what I am to do here...


Quick suggestion/opinion...

Sometimes the Electrical lines in the wall create a magnetic feild, try moving the entire system temporarily to a different part of the house or room and see if it clears up for ya.. I have had systems that do the same thing, and if I move them 5 feet right or left it clears up fine...

Just a thought...



I tought of that, but I never did it since it isn't really that simple... Might take an houre or two to comply ;-)

Is there any danger to this? monitor damage maybee on long term? cause I'm actually a pretty lazy person ;-)


Don't know....
These lines are almost unvisible... I can't take a screen shot, you know ;-), but it's very fainth, it it almost doesn't move when I retract my monitor from my wall...

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