mohaa problem unheard of? plz help :(

Discussion in 'PC Gaming' started by gatecrasher, Mar 8, 2002.

  1. gatecrasher

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    When i click on training mission or the proper game the loading bar comes on and it all loads up properly then the sound starts etc, the problem being that the mission brief screen does not dissapear i can see bits of the game through the mission brief but only a tiny bit, so this must mean the game is working, but how the hell do i solve this problem?

    I am on a:
    P3 800.
    TNT 32mb (my mate as this card and has no problems).
    used nearly every detonator driver possible.

    Btw i have no problems with other games, i run cs + other half life mods + RTCW , UT etc with no problems wot so ever, i have searched on various forums and so far i cant find any1 else with this error!:(

    oh yes i forgot to say this also happens on the intro screens as well! I can only see a tiny bit of the intro screen the rest of the screen is grey¬!
  2. Punkrulz

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    Dont have that problem. I have some other problems, involving connection and sounds. Sorry to hear that you are experiencing this though. :(
  3. gatecrasher

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    the thing that really p***es me off is the fact that teh demo runs fine!!!!!!!:mad: and the full game doesnt work, wheres the logic in that, i now officially hate computers:eek:
  4. gatecrasher

    gatecrasher Guest

    a screenshot here maybe explain it better...:(
  5. XPletive

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    Have you tried ctrl-alt-del to get back to the desktop and then
    selecting MOH again from the task bar?

    I'm just curious if that works.
  6. gatecrasher

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    yeh mate ryed that, i thought maybe that would fix it or maybe quitting and resuming like in cs, but no luck :(
  7. gatecrasher

    gatecrasher Guest

    problem is solved:D

    For anyone that is interested its because i didnt fully clear out the drivers before installing new ones:rolleyes: