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MOHAA and a fire second delay


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Hey all,

This is a big problem for me. My system is as follows:

AMD Athlon XP 2000+
MSI Geforce4 Ti4400
256 PC2700 DDR Ram
Cable internet connection

For some reason when I take a shot, there is a fire delay for about a second. I just got accepted to the Screen Savers Lan party, so I wanna be top knotch. Any ideas?


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As far as I know it's just over the net. My ping is usually fine, about a 54 ping. It just doesn't seem normal. I fixed it a little bit, because someone suggested to me that I turn the sound to low quality, so that helped a little bit.
yea I was gonna say to check the connection to the servers...that happens to me too sometimes when Im in a server with 100+ ping but certainly not at 54 ping...hmm


Dude that is weird stuff. I had a AMD 600 Athlon w/ 256SDRAM pc133 and the game rocked! I didn't even have a decent videocard.

I would suggest reinstalling the game if it's cramping your game. The only time i got reactional delays was due to lag. 50ms is definatley perfect conditions.


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Dude that f*cking happaned with my old video card TNT2 m64. I f*cking hated it. It would play fine for about 10 minutes, then whenever you take a shot it would lag up and be freeze frame.

That was a long time ago.

Upgrading my video card fixed the problem. I now have a gainward ti4200

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