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Mohaa An Logitech Mouse

Hi all.

i recently brought a logitech optical mouse ....very cool especiall the red light. all is fine except with medal of honor allied assault wen i goto controls an double clikc somert it wont let me?

all my other games work except 4 medal o honour, i have the games whql from the logitech website but it didnt help.

pls help





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which mouse is it ?

I too have a logitech optical cordless... it comes wth the elite cordless duo or whatever it is called...

post the model of the mouse..
I use a logitech chordless optical rodent. When I first had problems with MOHAA I uninstalled the drivers........no more problems!!

I Use my usb port with my mouse an and as soon as i plugged it in, it installed the drivers from the winxp database.

anything else i can do?


i now have the latest version of the mousware and the game reg file, from the logitech website but still it dont work.

go to logitech's website and download then install the latest drivers for ur mouse, which means get the latest mouseware, hopefully then all your problems will go away.


I have a Logitech IFeel Optical mouse and have had a few problems with it (not least when my son knocked the iron over, which landed on the pc table and soaked my mouse through - not good)
I find that turning off 'EM_EXEC' in processes (Task Manager) usually solves the problem.Also try closing any associated software to do with the mouse (sometimes my force feedback software shags things up)
I find its mainly the mousewheel that does weird things on mine, so none of the above may work, but worth a try :)
I Finally got it workin, i had to download a guide from the logitech website about adding reg files to mohaa.

Thanx 4 everyones help.


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