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Modular Power supplys rock!!


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was like $100 for a 500w. not that bad. That IDE cable was nuts though. was like $15 for it and to get it shipped. Antec Cobra 26" rounded IDE cable


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themafia_69 said:
whats, the difference between a normal power supply
You only need to have the cables that are going to a device instead of all the cables that are unused cluttering your case. I think other then that they are the same. :)


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not sure about case temp, since i'm not sure if my motherboard even monitors that. MBM still says my case is 25C. but my CPU temp dropped like 5 degrees C during idle, and probably around 8 under heavy load since this power supply has the second fan right near my CPU fan. too many friggin things to plug in though. probably don't have to have the plug by the video card plugged in, since i think they said that plug is mostly for AGP Pro cards, but i keep it in just in case. and all the fans. had to pry the cover off the small 4-pin connector that's usually used for floppy drives so i could fit it in the spot on my CPU fan. other than that the thing rules. probably gonna be getting a new case too. This case. might order it from somewhere else though. from the looks of the info it give you, it only comes with 3 80mm fans, but it also has 2 side panel fan mounts for 92mm fans. think if i get it from Xoxide it comes with every fan, but also costs like $20 more.


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Thats what I need.

I hate the wires, and teh extra long IDE and SATA cables, one of these days I'm going to replace teh ones tht I have with the extra set of cool blue sata cables that came with another mobo. :D


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that a 120mm fan? right behind ur CPU? .......wit the PSU fan right there too? .........bet ur CPU is pretty frigid. lol

suicide_pact: how exactly does it look like a subwoofer?

Speedy.... shut it. lol. i jus wanted to get the damn thing hooked up and running. like i said, probably gonna get a new case for x-mas. not really worth it to sort out all the wires and get them out of sight if i'm gonna tear the whole damn thing apart in less than a month anyway.

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