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Modding Xbox Controller




I've been wondering if anyone has done this! Since I'm a soldering clod, I bought the cable instead. Thanks for the info!:cool:


Just any USB cable? does all cable inside is the same? also will that be vibrate as well?


I moded the xbox controller about a week ago, and downloaded the driver from the site you said on the top. the old driver didn't work but when I downloaded the latest driver it worked:cool: perfectly in ut2k3, Gta3. It doesn't work in Ghost Recon, I haven't tried on old games like nascar 2002 season, counter strike, rtcw halflife. I will try it in MOHAA & Shead tomorrow. I understand that the keyboard is the way to go but I can't even see the letters in my ASDW buttons anymore.

And it's good to have a controller which doesn't look cheap with four button and one little joystick thinggi:eek:


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cool now i will have a nice pad to play ridgeracer2 and raveracer with.
if you are woundering how iam playing thoes games , they are emulated on a namco system 22 emulator.


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well i bought the controler and all i need is a cool long usb cable i thought i had one... of well i lost it. ohh well. i wanted to know what the guy meant when he said the Dull black wire goes to the shielding on the USB cable? whats the shielding?:confused:


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well i had a question.

i had a qusetion for their forum and i cant post a pic so u guys get to see it too. its a pic of my usb cable that i stripped open and its 10meters!!! ~30 feet hahaha.!:happy:


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ohh well i forgot they have to have an account here to look at it. ohh well here was the question.

ok ive attached a pic of my usb cable! its 10 meters ~30 feet. hehe i can use it from the neighbors house hehe. but i pointed an arrow to the shielding. is this right? its the wires that surrounded the red black green and white.:D


Looking at it it looks like it is.
This is based on my general knowledge of wiring:

Shielding (in most cases) is a "braid" of wire that goes around the inner wires. It's usually inbetween the outer plastic covering of the whole cabling and the inner wires which have there own plastic covering. Kinda hard to describe..

Let's see if I can find a good picture example...


day late and dollar short :p

Well, even though it's not the right cable, it's still a good example of a wire with shielding anyway..
taken from some wiring site.. and I worked so hard to label it too! :p



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I modded my controller to work on my PC and it works great but I did mine a little differently than how they tell you to do it. I didn't want to give up one of my controllers to use it on the PC only so I bought an extention cable for the Xbox controller and cut it in half and then soldered the USB cable to it so now I can use the controller on both the Xbox and my pc.

My cable looks very much like the one they offer for sale.

F.Y.I. If you decide to do it this way, the color code on the Xbox extention cable is not the same as the cable on the controller itself.

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