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Mobo and mixed type hdd ques

I have an msi kt6 delta fisr mobo, which currenlty running 2 ide hdd, a 40 gig and a 120 gig. i also have 2 optical drives on the other ide chain.
I have recently bought a sata drive to give me more storage. The mobo has 2 sata ports supported by the south bridge, a via 8237.

I have heard that some mobo dont like having ide and sata hdd on the board at the same time, has anyone else heard this? I just dont want to be having probs when i link it all up. I have bought an ide to sata converter for the 120 gig ide drive, and i would like to runthe 40 gig still on the ide chain.

Anyone got any input?




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My AN7 has 2 ide HDs, 2 Optical drives on the IDE 1 & 2, and an IDE HD using an adapter on SATA1 with no issues what so ever. I am planning on getting a SATA drive, probably a 250GB one.
Ahh ok so that counds promising. I seem to recall indyjones had a problem where his ide drive wanted to overide his sata boot drive and so he couldnt use his ide for hdd when he had sata drives installed, anyone had this problem too?


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