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Missing parts of fonts in KDE 3.2.3

This is really hard to explain, but here it goes:
I am using KDE 3.2.3 and am using the default font set that came with the installation CD of Slackware 10.0. Many times, when browsing the web in FireFox, or viewing a document in OpenOffice.org 1.1.3, I see lines of text with fonts that looks like the middle 2-3 pixels where cut off and the upper and bottom bit were glued together again. But upon selecting the text using the mouse cursor, the fonts become normal again :confused: This happens frequently to an entire line of text, but the images aligned on the same line are fine, so it's only the fonts.
I first thought this was an issue in FireFox, but then I noticed this beheaviour in OpenOffice as well and when I make a screenshot of it, and paste it in kPaint or xPaint or whatever paint program available, the fonts look normal too. So it must be an error in the KDE/X-server (Xorg) subsystem somewhere.
What causes this weird thing? Is there any quick fix for it? I am planning an upgrade of KDE as well as xorg anyway, but I first want to do some reading on it (I never done it before), so I need a quick fix or sump. Help me!


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KDE always fuxored up my fonts, it has to do with QT somehow. I use gnome as my heavy WindowManager because GTK2 is prettier and esound doesn't screw up my sound like artsd does. I believe you can fix it by making aliases for certain fonts like Verdana, have you configured in xorg.conf to use the antialiased fonts?


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artsd does not screw up sound as long as you set it to use another virtual sound channel like /dev/dsp4.4 if you have 4 virtual channels.
I think I'll update KDE first, I noticed I am a few versions behind (using 3.2.3, while 3.3.2 is the latest). Or maybe I'll step over to Gnome, dunno why, but I have never tried it, so I think it'll be a nice change.

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