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MiniDisc recording ideas

i have alot of minidisc recordings that i want to transfer onto my computer, and then i also want to make minidisc's by tranfering music from my personal MP3 library. only i have one problem, the software that came with the MiniDisc player is SonicStage whcih is the most annoying branded program out there. what program would you all reccomend to take files off, put them on etc...

model: NetMD Walkman MZ-N10


well the bad thing for minidisc is you can't transfer songs from it.. or atleast what i was told. I used line out or the mic port on my soundcard ( take off the 20db thing for mic in ) and use any live audio capture program. Be sure to disable all other sounds if you use it though


OSNN Advanced
Wrong!! You can transfer songs from an MD to the PC. However, you can only do this if the songs were originally transferred using the SonicStage.

I don't know of any other software available for transfer of songs in the ATRAC3 format except for the SonicStage software.
Also, transferring songs from your MD to PC will retain it's ATRAC3 file format. You'll need to find a way of converting it to MP3 so that you can use it with other players.

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