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Might need everybody's help...


Dabba Dooba
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Well...as someone said in a thread somewhere here i submitted my crash to stupidvideos.com last week and just got an email today. It said that they dont think i am the really author of the video! I was like wtf? I think they think that because of the quality of the video but i couldnt really find a great quality video anywhere on the web so yeah. I send them an email telling them i am the real author and i also gave them lniks to some threads about my crash and told them to email whoever is in those threads if they want more proof. I just want everybody to know that you may or may not get an email or i might have to get more proof from you all later.


High On Life!
tell them to give u something to take a pic of with ur self or a pose that they think u couldnt find the pic on the net and send it to them showing that ur face is the one on the video


Act your wage.
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Why don't you just email them a picture of yourself? Do you have any pics from after the injury? Since you can see your face in the video, you'd think that a few random pictures would be enough proof.


Dabba Dooba
Political User
Well...i just got an email from them :). They said sorry and would like me to send a better quality video. I cant find one but i will look again and will also try to look for the cd that i had the video on. I know they will take it...i guess there is also a $10,000 prize at the end of the year i guess? If anybody can find a good quality vid that would be great...i think i got mine from heny's site. Thanks :)

I will get back with u all on if i win the $100 :)

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