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Microsoft Security Essentials & NOD32


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Should i have both installed? I run NOD32 and love it, but MSE seems not run very heavy and i probably wont notice it...any thoughts?
all you need to care about is whether or not it makes a noticable impact on you doing things. Since I'm running MSE at the moment I can tell you it does not.

MSE uses the Forefront client security AV engine which is up there with Nod32 and Kaspersky AV in terms of usefulness.


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I have used NOD32 for the last year, I have 2 years left on my subscription. I was having issues with them, so I did not reinstall it. Instead I am using MSE and it for sure uses less resources, and seems to do a great job. And as for free between MSE and AVG, AVG is good but I would rather have a Microsoft program with a Microsoft OS.

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no problems here on x64 with NOD, but there are bound to be a few issues with win7 atm, till they get ironed out :)


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I've got NOD and MSE on my laptop... not noticed any impact on performance. However, I have noticed one would throw up warning messages about detecting trojans etc on one website and the other throwing up warnings on another website.
Not sure if Spybot does this silently (on my other pc) because it's never given me any warning messages like these two. :p


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I have been using MSE for about a week now and I have seen no performance issues with it. I will probably go back to NOD32 in a month or so just because of my subscription with them, but I am really enjoying MSE.

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