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Microsoft Looking at Emacs for .Net

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Unix/Linux technologies are finding their way onto .Net.

Microsoft is working on a project that would essentially bring the functionality of the Emacs text editor to .Net.

Microsoft software architect Don Box on Dec. 29 posted a blog entry stating that his colleague, Douglas Purdy, was hiring people to work on a new extensible text editor. Box's post pointed to a Purdy blog post from Dec. 26, where Purdy said: "We are looking for developers/testers to build a tool that I will roughly describe as 'Emacs.Net.'"
The Emacs text editor has been around for years, developed in 1976 by free software advocate Richard Stallman. There have been many versions and variations of Emacs, including versions for Windows. In 1981, James Gosling, the creator of Java, created the first Emacs-like editor to run on Unix, known as Gosling Emacs. In 1984, Stallman began working on GNU Emacs to produce a free software alternative to Gosling Emacs—which Gosling had sold to a company called UniPress to distribute commercially.
Now, enter Microsoft. It is not clear whether Microsoft plans to adopt any of the Emacs code or to do its own Emacs-like editor.


seems i missed this from a few days ago and cant post it on the front page, although its a good article

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