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Microsoft forcing messenger software upgrades

Users of the .NET passport service ahave been recieving this e-mail:
You are receiving this e-mail because you are a MSN Messenger or Windows Messenger Service user.
As part of Microsoft's Trustworthy Computing initiative, Microsoft is updating the .NET Messenger Service and providing you with an important MSN Messenger or Windows Messenger security update.
If you are using MSN Messenger 5.0, Windows Messenger 4.7.2000, or MSN Messenger for Mac 3.5, or any versions higher than these, you do NOT need this security update. To find out which version you have, select the 'Help' menu in Messenger, then select 'About'. If you are using an older version, or are not sure, please visit: http://messenger.msn.com/Help/Upgrades.aspx
for an update.
NOTICE: If you are not using an updated version, you will be unable to continue using your MSN Messenger or Windows Messenger Service.
Thank you for helping Microsoft further its commitment to helping you protect your privacy and security online.

That means that is you use Windows Messenger 4.6, MSN Messenger 4.x or earlier, MSN Messenger for Mac OS 9 2.4 and earlier and MSN Messenger 3.4 for OS X you must upgrade to a newer verison now (That's why I upgraded WM now)
Update: I have found a quote from spokesperson Sean Sundwall, "Security issues that could be posed (on older versions) require us to force an upgrade."
-Sean Sundwall

He declined to detail the security issue, saying disclosure would "put customers at undue risk."

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