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Messengers Failing


Beyond All Comprehension.
Hey everyone, I was just having some problems with my messengers and I can't figure out how to get them working again. Ok, so I have this computer that im using that isn't mine, and I had to setup my DSL connection on here. I installed AIM and MSN messenger 7.5, but both of them won't work because they say an internet connection cannot be found, when the internet works fine, and my default windows messenger can connect, but not any messenger installed by me. The error messages said it could be a firewall, but all of my firewalls are deactivated, i've made sure of it. Can anyone give me any ideas on why this error would keep coming up without a firewall in the way?


OSNN Addict
Make sure that the time and date in the BIOS is the same as the current date and time, same within windows, make sure they are correct. Its happened to me a few times and that has been the cause.


Beyond All Comprehension.
Well, I checked both the BIOS time and date and the Windows time and date and both seem to be correct and exactly the same, so I guess that couldn't be the problem.... Does anyone else have any ideas on why my messengers are still being blocked by an invisible firewall? :lick:


Beyond All Comprehension.
Could there maybe be some kinda virus that would cause my messengers to get all screwed up? I'm pretty stumped on it, lol.... :dead:


Beyond All Comprehension.
Ok ok the "Do it" thing was just a joke, lol... No but seriously guys I really need help.... :lick:


Beyond All Comprehension.
Ok well I can't seem to get a response from anyone so.... Thanks anyway I guess..... :speechless:


Beyond All Comprehension.
Ok actually nevermind on everything because I finally got my computer running again to my messengers are working fine, lol.... :nervous:

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