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Matching colors under icons !


OSNN Addict
While messing around with MaddMatt active desktop, I figure out a trick that i hope i could help someone with. You know when u just finish putting a nice wallpaper in your desktop and u look at your icons and they don't match? So you keep trying to figure out the closest color to it and never get it right?
Try this:

Open the wallpaper in paint, choose the " pick color " tool on the left hand side. Click on the part of the wallpaper that your icons will go and click once. Now go to " colors " on the top toolbar and click edit colors. Once it opens , click on define custom colors.
If you look on the right hand side, its gonna say:

Red: (ex. 196)
Green: (ex. 197)
Blue: (ex. 195)

Write down somewhere those numbers with its colors and close paint (Make sure not to save any changes).
Now go to your desktop, right click it, properties,desktop tab ,color, and click on other. Now you will see the colors that you wrote down ( Red, Green and Blue) . Type down those numbers to its colors and Pronto ! You are going to get an exact match.
Check out the results !

Enjoy !


I may actually be insane.
Got to agree with that, seems rather pointless using yet more resources to acheive something which can be done by using a simple app such as paint to match colours :)


OSNN Addict
For those of you who are trying to match MaddMatt active desktop, like the Google search engine to your wallpaper try this:
(You will need a better image editor than Paint, i use Paint shop pro 7 on this example)
Open your wallpaper in Paint shop, click on the flood fill bucket on the right hand side, go to the left hand side toolbar
and click on the color that appers ( Right under Styles ,make sure you have solid colors selected).
Now once it opens, move your cursor over to the wallpaper and its going to apper the the pick color
tool(Just like on the example above), click once and your are going to the HTML code.
(See the attachment for better understanding)
Now open your script for the Google search engine and look for the background code, replace it for
the new one you've got in Paint Shop and you're done.

Sorry couldn't explain it better. Feel free to ask any questions!

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