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Man loses everything in Craigslist hoax


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"An Oregon man has lost nearly all his possessions after a bogus advert on Craigslist offered the contents of his house for free.
Two posts appeared on the site on 22 March stating that Robert Salisbury, an independent contractor, was leaving the area at short notice and was giving away the contents of his house along with his horse...."



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You know what is even more sad? When he came to his house and told people that he never posted that advertisement they shoved the printout in his face and told him since it was on the Internet it must be true and they had the full right to steal his ****.


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He must have pissed off the wrong people....very sad...indeed. but, who would at random target him........... questions ??????


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this is the point that the shotgun should've come out.

edit: i've been in florida too long :)
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MEDFORD, Ore. - It wasn't a hoax or revenge that cost a Southern Oregon man many of his belongings when people responded to a Craigslist posting and nearly emptied his rural home, officers say: It was a pair of thieves covering their tracks…deputies say, they tracked computer files to Amber Herbert, 28, and Brandon Herbert, 29.Officers said they determined that the couple had stolen goods from a garage at Salisbury's place a few days before the Craigslist posting and sold the saddles over the Internet.


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I'm just glad they are looking into this and found out about the thieves - at least there is positive progress coming out of what could have been total **** for that guy :(

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