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make pics look like poloroids


High On Life!
well i saw this collage feature in picasa 2 but the thing is when i use it it makes the pictures too close together and u can barley see most of the pics, i wanna know is there a program that does the same type of thing with poloriods or somthing to that same nature, i was going to try to do it with one pic from picasa and then photoshop the rest but that would be too hard. any tips?


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ok I'm not exactly sure what you are looking for because I keep thinking you mean one of two things. I will post this first and if it's not it I will post the second.

to make pics look like polaroids in photoshop go to this link

you may have to tweak the tutorial a little to make it look like you want it but this will give a general idea. (like he has the pic in the middle with the white on the right and left instead of a polaroid with a little white on the top, left and right and then a lot of white on the bottom.

If this didnt' help let me knwo I may (not for sure) be able to find the better one I found like 5 months ago.


High On Life!
yeah something like that, but i wanna do it do alot, hmm im ganna have to see, thanks thats what i wanted


The Donger Need Food!!!!
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no prob, there are so many photoshop tutorials out there that you can pretty much find out how to do anything


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If you're looking to take single pictures and make them each a polaroid, you can create a batch script in Paint Shop Pro and simply run the script on multiple files. However, since you may be cropping different areas of a picture to fit the size of a polaroid, it may be difficult to calculate and accurately pinpoint good spots to crop, if necessary.

Another idea is to take all your photos, crop them all to the desired size, and then from there create a script that will perform all the same tasks to each photo to make them look like a polaroid photo.

Just a few ideas ;)
I have to say, that picture doesn't look like a polaroid. It looks like a picture on a piece of paper. A polaroid has more blank paper on the bottom and less on the sides of the actual picture. Plus the quality isn't that good. :)

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