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Major Issue With Visual Glitch..., In all msstyles and xp/classic vs...

I have a friend with a problem. I told him he may get the best reply here - (I am posting for him)- as I have in the past. Here is his post:

I have had a major visual glitch in the upper hand corner of any active titlebar, where there is a gap showing to the right of Min, Max, Close buttons...At first I thought that it was because I was using msstyles, I have the excellent works from KoL, Iceman, b0se, ect. and am completely enamored with the mac emulation VS, ect...

Here is a link to the gap, which happens when the window is maxed, it looks fine, but when I opened another window it (always) shows up with this 'gap'...thanks to Lynchknot, we did the chat via Messenger and exchanged pics...so he knows that this is very strange...

Also this 'gap' happens with WinXP as well & does not with Classic msstyle...
and a screenshot:

Thanks in advance for your replies :)

*edit - this also occurs using IE
I thought I would bump this, if it's ok, for the guy as he still has the problem. Anyone????? :)

This poor guy reformated 3 times - and he's on dial-up for updates! - and still has the problem!


I may actually be insane.
Is it occuring on ALL apps?
Is he installing the same apps/drivers after formatting?
Does he have SP1?
Is he using the same patcher each time?
Is he updating before or after patching uxtheme.dll?

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