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$499 for the 4GB and $599 for the 8GB -- with 2-year Cingular agreement. (Someone correct me if I'm wrong.)

The thinking here is that a nano is $199 and a smartphone is $299-$399 -- hence $500-$600 for a combo unit. Expensive, but the entire thing is basically software, so the chance of it going obsolete quickly is not something to worry about too much.
Well, you'd have to wait until at least June anyway. ;)
To be honest I slightly disappointed. Nothing really cool til September
I paid $500 for my Windows Mobile device and an additional $50 for a 1GB microSD card.

I think that (the price of the iPhone) is a bargin.
It does suck that certain phones are tied to certain carriers -- just the way it is, though.

The phone probably is a $500+ value. Just look at what it does, and its capability for all sorts of future updates. Also, it will be supported by Apple, which is a huge bonus because Apple really does support its products unlike others (*cough* Motorola *cough*).

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