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MacGrab Give Away


I may actually be insane.
MacGrab.com is a continuous countdown promotion featuring two brand-new applications: AppZapper and Menuet. Software licenses will be awarded to two participants every five minutes. Players can choose which application they want to win.

The creators of AppZapper and Menuet partnered with MacUpdate, a leading site for finding new software, Inventive, the creator of the popular iClip, and MacAddict magazine to create this promotion. MacGrab positions itself to be the most profilific awarder of prizes during this week of Mac innovation.

MacGrab.com is fueling the excitement of Macworld Expo by creating two winners every five minutes. "Macworld Expo used to promise lots of prizes to attendees. We wanted to bring back that winning feeling, extend it to all Mac users and create the biggest shareware promotion ever," said Phill Ryu of Menuet.

A drawing every five minutes awards AppZapper - a new uninstall utility, and Menuet - a fully-skinnable iTunes controller. At the expo, additional prizes will be awarded from the MacUpdate booth. When the MacGrab sweepstakes ends, seventy-five software licenses will be randomly awarded to particpants, including twenty-five of each: iClip, AppZapper and Menuet.


I may actually be insane.
Used both apps yesterday, app zapper works well, I think it just uses CoreData to find files with matching names... I always use spotlight when I un-install an app anyway, but it's nice to have it automated.

MenuEt is a novelty really, I likely won't keep it, but it's Ok to play around with.

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