MacBook release finally here?


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From MacRumors:

An unverified anonymous source claims that Apple stores are receiving materials for a new window display that's labeled "do not open until Tuesday, May 9th." The source also claims that Apple has directed its stores to push iBook sales this weekend, presumably to clear out inventory.

Recent rumors have pointed to the Macbook being released in May, but no specific date had been given.

Update: In addition to receiving further confirmation of more Apple Stores receiving materials for a Tuesday product release, looks like it is spilling the beans with a reference to the as-yet unreleased Macbook. In case the site is corrected, a screenshot is mirrored here (emphasis added in image).
Oh man I hope this turns out to be it. I'm going on vacation at the end of May, and I really need a Mac laptop before I go. I can't afford a Pro version and I certainly don't want an iBook G4. C'mon Apple, pull through on this! :p


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As much as I want a new laptop/MacBook, my next purchase is to be the next release of Intel based iMacs, good news if they can get the MacBooks out the door as soon as Tuesday though.

Now... anyone want to buy a PowerMac ? :p


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I was in the Apple Store tonight and I asked someone working there about the new signage that was supposedly delivered to the stores. He said he knew nothing about it, so who knows?


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Well, it's a big enough rumor to have made it all over the news. ThinkSecret has all but confirmed it for this coming Tuesday. Additional information has been posted that the Macbook will come in either black or white, and that it will be thinner than the current iBook. I can't wait! :D


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Yeah, most employee's don't know anything about new signage for the apple stores. I talked to one genuis at the genuis bar, and he said that yes there is new signage, but he only knew about it since he loaded it off the truck together with his boss. I had asked another guy two minutes earlier and he was asking me questions about what it could be :p

Another fun trip to the Apple Store, as always :D


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muzikool said:
Macbook will come in either black or white, and that it will be thinner than the current iBook. I can't wait! :D

I sold my HP lapper that i got as a gift from my former employer, to a friend of mine..I have been going through withdrawl looking for a notebook...this news has come at the perfect time.... def' the Black one ...sweet:D


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The advantage of the PowerBook over the iBook was always superior hardware, such as better and faster processors, and that will never change. Apple have already shown willingness to incorporate single core CPU's into their products (Mac Mini), but with an option of paying more for a dual-core set-up.

I see no reason for a lower priced MacBook to feature a single core processor, along with a higher priced model featuring the Core Duo CPU, but at a lower clock speed than available on the MacBook Pro (Likely 1.6Ghz). I would hope that Apple will just put Core Duo into all models though, it seems a waste not to.
muzikool said:
Then you'd better get a PowerPC-based machine while you still can!

don't worry... i already have two ibook g4s an imac g5 two powermac g3s and i'm trying to get a blueberry imac g3 and a clamshell blueberry ibook...

once the market levels out i'm going to hit the dual g5 powermacs :p (and a couple of apple displays to go with it)

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