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Mac os x visual style for windows.


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Im looking for a mac os x visual style but can't find any.
Tried google already.
Also looking for the flash dock. I've found one but i only works without SP1 and i already have sp1 installed.
Any help with this will be greatly appreciated!


That guy is a meat head! He sent you to the Apple Store.

The type of OS X toolbar can be found here:


It's called Y'z Dock which seems to be the most popular. As for themes, there is one called Smooth Stripe that I got off themexp.org awhile ago, but they're always down. Check out page 2 of the January desktop thread. Bubblebyte has an amazing theme, but I'm not entirely sure it's an xp theme the real thing - it's that convincing !


Originally posted by Jazzhound
That guy is a meat head! He sent you to the Apple Store.
Ha, yeah I am... sorry Leo, you left me no choice...

No harm intended, I've always been a joker.


OSNN Addict
All right, already installed yz again. I can't change the icons to the ones i want. Plus it only gives me three option to add to the dock: Recycle bin , cpu and clock. How do i add my documents ,IE and other stuff??


Herkalees: I"ll have to get use to your antics, give me some time ;)

Leo: Y'z dock is the most popular because it emulates the OS X dock so well. To add a shortcut to the bar (like OS X) simply drag any application shortcut tot he bar and you're done! It will ask you if you want to change icons for them, otherwise it will assign the defaults. The one rule is it will only accept .PNG files, not .ICO as most windows icon's are based. You can get icons from Iceman's site and through his links page. Put them in the Y's Dock directory or in the BRIGHTS directory.

Play with the setting and in time you'll see why it's the best out there.

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