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Mac OS X icons



I am currently theming my Win XP pc to look like Mac OS X. Does anyone know where I can get a Mac OS X icon set for Windows XP? I have been looking around and can't seem to find any.

Thanks in advance
What is wrong is windows is ugly (IMO). Mac icons, etc. look better. I don't care about brands. If it looks good to my eyes, i'll use it regardless of brand.


Originally posted by dubstar
theres just something wrong when someone with Windows is using an OS X theme.
I am using an OS X theme because I personally don't like the look of the Windows XP default themes and like the look of the Mac OS X theme. I choose themes because of the way they look, not because of the brand. Because I am using a Mac theme doesn't mean I don't like Windows, it means I like the way the Mac theme looks and I like variety. That is why I change my theme every so often. Looking at the same theme day after day gets so boring, especially with the uglyness of Windows XP. But these are just my opinions, not everyone agrees with them, but that is fine because everyone is entitled to their own opinions.


But if you use XP all the time like I do because I do not own a Mac or have linux installed, luna gets really boring and starts to look horrible.

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