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Mac audio recorder wanted


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I'm looking for a freeware or shareware audio recorder that records from the sound card, not the internal mic. I want to be able to record music that's playing on the computer - either from an Mp3 file or an Internet radio station - and the only software I've been able to find uses the microphone to record. Can anyone help?



OSNN One Post Wonder
Thanks for the Audacity suggestion, but it records through the microphone, in case you're not familiar with it.

I found the answer to my question - Audio Hijack. It's shareware ($16) and seems a little clumsy, but it does what I want.

Audacity can record the output of the sound card as well.
Just change the source from 'Microphone' to 'Stereo Mix' :)

Edit: The name is actually soundcard-specific. It's called 'Stereo Mix' on my system, but it could also be called 'Wave Out Mix' or something of the sort.
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Also, you can capture it before it reaches the sound card, by writing your own code.


Is the complexPlayThru sample code, which is interesting, as it pipes what comes in from your Mic straight into the output. The same thing or principle can be used to pipe the outgoing into a file if you wish.

The Mac OS X API for this all is documented extremely well, and is easy to use.
Ah, you see the drop-down box with "Default Input Source" on the far right of the screenshot? That's probably it. Check what other choices are available there. :)

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