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Lynchknot Firefox Themes (re-releases)

Hello. I'm starting to update themes - but it's slow going. This Tundra update required 4.5 hours. It is available at my site now.

****edit - I just now fixed the alignment issue with search bar
Firefox 1.0 theme updates

I'll just add to this thread as themes are updated. So far we've got:

1. Longone
2. Longknot - needs findbar (will do now as I just remembered it)
3. Tundra
4. HD-carbonfiber (below)

Nice, using the tundra one in KDE with the Plastik window decoration.

Thread Title Changed - If you have anything specific you would like it set to then PM me
Thank you - please post bugs as you see them. It's hard enough to update these for 1.0 and get them out the door - I can't track/fix every bug on time. I have >50 themes to go!
"Longfiber" - Released as BETA. I'm going to work on it some more tomorrow. At this point the progressmeter has a sliding carbon fiber door instead of LCD indicators - It will have indicators soon. I'm not sure about the squared URL/search fields as opposed to the round. If we go with the round I need to anti-alias the suckers as they are jagged.



Double O Egghead
Hey Lynchknot, I finally figured out how to get your themes from the link in your sig :D

I am using the fusion skin on this board and I would like your opinion of which theme would best compliment the fusion skin?

great work bud!
My opinion? I really can't recommend anything as it's personal preference. Some like a bright toolbar against a dark board skin for contrast - some don't. I have so many tabs I visit and most are different so I don't bother changing themes. I just stick with the theme i'm working on until I grow tired of it.
Little bug maybe...
LongKnot 0.9.0:
When you click on Bookmarks, the Window opens but the Button dissapears, it only comes back when you click the X in the Window.
RE-EVOLUTION theme is available at my site now. Please know that this is still a "work in progress" (beta). There are some missing elements and icons need work. I want to release now as Christmas is near and I have other things to do - so it will be a while before this is complete. Thanks.


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