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Luxpro corp "Super Shuffle"


I may actually be insane.
This is plain funny. I've seen plenty of iPod rip-offs, but this one may as-well be a clone!

Not only is the shape copied, the exact same controls are used, the exact same clip on/off usb-cap end is used, and even the iPod style ads are used to advertise the device.

click images for a larger view.
According to the makers of the Super Shuffle,”We had the same idea.”
amazing :D


High On Life!
god people people will do anything to make money, they should just beg on the streets with a sign that says "give me money for drugs, hoes, and alcohol! hey atleast im not ****tin you!" lol whos seen that pic
believe that pic is in the funny picture thread. and ya.... seems quite rip-offish. still it is more advanced than the Ipod Shuffle...... can Apple get anything out that's revolutionary when it comes to portable MP3 players? portable AM/FM radio's are so...... the age of the Sony Walkman portable CD player, and they didn't bother to include it? :lick: Aah, did i love that cd player of mine. used to take it with me on the school bus a few years ago. would sit there listening to CD's. If it was snowing out, sometimes i'd listen to the radio on it to try to see if any schools were closing in the area.


I may actually be insane.
NetRyder said:
Hey, it has an FM tuner and voice recording too. Oh boy, is StevieJ going to be pissed.
Or steal the idea for the Shuffle rev.b ;)

Whilst it's the most blatant rip I've ever seen, unless Apple holds some very tight patents regarding the Shuffle's design, there's actually not a lot that can be done about it (It's not exactly easy to copyright a white rectangle that plays mp3's... else a fair few companies would be screwed).

The best/funniest thing about it will be that even if this thing retails at 50% the price of an iPod shuffle, people will still buy the Apple version.

brainwashing is fun kids!


Blame me for the RAZR's
just think of it like buying the generic store bought chicken noodle soup.. not as good.. but still as salty... i dont know...

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