Looking for some feedback on an idea

My name is Christian and i am a young man from eastern Canada. I have been playing with the idea of starting an online computer reseller business and have been thinking of ways to diversify myself and my ideas from the numerous ones that are already on the internet.

I am an avid PC modder and i love to play around with windows & my mac to get that personal feel, making my pc mine and no one elses. Because of these hobbies i frequent sites like NeoWin, Belchfire, Mess.be and others. I have noticed that many of these sites offer news, reviews, downloads and more, but none directly sell products.

I wanted to post this topic to see if anyone would enbrace of more of a all - in - one site where people can interact with forums and chats, upload/download themes and software, and purchase custom PCs, componets and more. The site would have a down to earth feel and optimize instant messenging technologies to provide instant customer service. Also, some type of affiliate program is in the works where people can offer to become featured collumsts and receive discounts at the store.

The site would offer much, but stay focused on the PC enthusiast user as not to become bloated with non relavent information.

Any feedback, good or bad, or suggestions, comments, hints, or anything else would be awesome.


Christian Goldie

Please email, or reply on this forum.


Debiant by way of Ubuntu
Hi Christian - nice idea but, I hate to say, not quite original!

perhaps the original part might be in your idea of Instant Messenger "optimised service". I hate to say this, but I really do not think that would fly. There are a good number of sites out there (I am more familiar with UK ones being over here) and there is a good reason they restrict the level of immediate reaction down to email and (maybe) forums, the staff are the organisations most precious resource (alongside their reputation) and the satff's time has to be maximised and organised, so there is no space for this IM sort of interaction.

But - hey - welcome to OSNN! You will get a ton of positive feedback too, and if you are able to flesh out your ideas and get things moving I am sure you have tapped a potential source of a few customers too!

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