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I am in the market for some help in designing an icon for my business. The name of my business is USM Solutions.

I would like an icon that I can use as the "favicon.ico" for my web site.

I would also like the icon in larger sizes/colors for use on my computer and servers.

My logo is attached in a couple different looks. I am willing to pay if the cost is reasonable. I would like to use the colors in my logo or on my web site.

Flash intro: http://www.usmsol.com/
Logo: attached.

Let me know via this thread or via PM if you are up to the task and how much you would charge.
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D, thanks for the advice.

For anyone interested, I am changing the color scheme slightly so I will post a new logo when I am ready.
I like the flash logo in the beginning, but I would change the color scheme to match that logo instead of introducing more colors into your site layout. Plus i would carry over the logo into the rest of the site. Even if it's a still graphic EI .gif


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My sister-in-law is a graphic designer (and she's good). If you'd like I can see if she'd be interested and how much she'd charge.


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The logo isn't changing. I love my logo. I have it on all my business cards, flyers, and I even had polo's made up.

The plan is to grayscale the intro (if I can find someone that knows a way) and go with it.

I do need an icon though if you are interested.


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Do you want the icon to match your logo or be something totally different.

MY wife does graphic design on the side, she did this one for the 12th court circuit in sarasota, where she works.


I'd have to say that the links at the beginning of the site all lead to the same spot. There's no need to have those different links all leading to the same location.

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