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Looking for a QUIET USB Keyboard


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Anyone have a recommendation for a QUIET USB keyboard? I don't want wireless, I would prefer the color black, and I want it to be very, very quiet.

Most keyboards I have found that advertise as being quiet are wireless.


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I think some of the really low profile ones are pretty quiet.

Belkin and kensington both make, or used to make some low profile (laptop style keys) keyboards with rubber keys that were darn quiet.
The foldup/waterproof ones are all perfectly silent and encased in rubber, but they're hard to type.

The MS Comfort Curve 2000 is one of those low-profile quiet keyboards. The media buttons on it are nice, too, because they can be identified by touch.


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Yes, these are the laptop style keys, they work quite well. I think they have 1 or 2 USB ports too right?
2 non-powered USB ports. Yes they are laptop style keys, the same ones that are used on the MacBook (not the MacBook Pro). They are easy to type on and I absolutely love mine.


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I just ordered the Comfort Curve 2000, amazingly cheap and seems to be exactly what I need.

The Dinovo was quickly discounted since it was not wired, but it does look sexy. A bit much cash too for a keyboard IMO, I don't need all the fluffy stuff. I just want something I can type with that's quiet, since I work really early or late sometimes and I want to be considerate of those who are sleeping :)

The Reclusa was kinda cool, but the Curve is almost $40 cheaper so I went with that. It's black, low profile, quiet and doesn't lack anything I need.

Just placed the order, as well as Logitech Z-2300 speakers. Quiet typing - LOUD speakers! :p


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OK the comfort curve is out - just got my second one, sent both back individually because certain keys didn't work (e key the first time, d and windows key the second time)

Perhaps its time to try the Reclusa - I'll deal with this next week. I guess you get what you pay for :(

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