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8 Apr 2005
We had to pay a vendor $140 the other day to come in and clean out a printer since a magenta toner exploded all over it. At a place I used to work there was a vaccum we could use for these types of things, and I'd like to get one here. I don't know what really makes these better over the other - does anyone have a suggestion?

I found this one, seems pretty good and has a lot of attachments.


From a cost perspective, it would pay for itself in just two cleanings. Does anyone have anything they know about these, what makes one better than the other (besides sucking power and attachments), as well as a recommendation for a certain make or model?

Please no jokes about me saying "sucking power" :p

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8 Apr 2003
make sure you get one that will love you long time :p - that don't look too bad - could do with something like that to keep my pc's and stuff clean :)

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