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Lookin to buy new hardware....


The One and Only
Been a little while since i've gotten a new motherboard and CPU..... and i have a nice bit of money (plus a Newegg Preferred Account) now, so i figured i'd start lookin around. Here's what i've been lookin at.

Abit IP35 Pro

Core 2 Quad Q9300 (maybe)

If the Q9450's become available again soon, i'm probably gonna get one of those for the 12MB L2 cache, instead of the 6MB the Q9300 has. And i'm probably getting a new CPU cooler for it too. thinkin about the Zalman CNPS9700 NT.

Even been thinking about just getting a Phenom X4 9850 BE now that my board supports them.

Anybody have any suggestions/comments?


OSNN Addict
First, I'd buy an Intel CPU because Intel has the performance advantage right now. I'd try to find a 9450 rather than buy a 9300.

The Zalman 9700 is a good cooler. I've had two of them (still have one). The 9700 wasn't up to a QX6700 @ 3.6GHz but it's doing the job on a Q6600 G0 @ 3.2GHz.

I don't have any Abit motherboards so I can't offer an opinion of your motherboard choice.


The One and Only
well.... i already found the 9450 on Tiger. Question is.... should i order both the CPU and Abit board from Tiger, or should i order the CPU from Tiger, and the motherboard and possibly CPU fan from Newegg, where the board has a mail-in rebate, plus being $10 cheaper? Gonna wind up ordering from Tiger using BillMeLater i think.... and probably Preferred Account on Newegg if i go through both sites.


The One and Only
Just ordered the Q9450 from TigerDirect, and the IP35 Pro from Newegg. Was thinkin about getting a heatsink too, but i figured after spending $550 on hardware, a heatsink could wait till at LEAST my next paycheck (which is next week)... maybe a bit longer. besides, heard the 45nm chips stay quite cool, even with the stock heatsink, and even still if overclocked a bit.

Now i just gotta hope my current memory works just as well in the new board as it does in my current one.

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