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Longhorn - six new fonts revealed

Beginning in 2006, Microsoft says it will ship with its operating system and other software products six brand new typefaces created especially for extended on-screen reading.

The new ClearType Font Collection incorporates improved ClearType and OpenType technologies, and a boatload of research, to improve the structure and the clarity of the letter forms. Basically, that means a story will be easier to read because the letters and words won't be as soft and mushy looking.

The Microsoft collection includes two serif, three sans serif, and a monospaced face for use in programming environments. They are intended to be text typefaces as opposed to display faces that are used in larger sizes for headlines. Some of the new fonts are suitable for print as well as on-screen applications.
Read the full article with more information about each of the fonts. For a preview of the fonts, see this link.
They look beautiful! I really want to start using them (especially Consolas) now. :D
Well, they are OpenType fonts, so they can be installed on any system. Moreover, most of the fonts we see on the web today, including Verdana, Trebuchet MS, Arial, Courier New etc. are Microsoft's core web fonts anyway.
Electronic Punk said:
I like em, but am not quite as obsessed about it as those guys.
Hehe, Poynter is a journalism site. That's the reason they obsessed with typography. ;)

Lee said:
There must be a folder somewhere that will let us download them.
I highly doubt they're available online right now. I'm not even sure we'll see them in the milestone build that's due at the WinHEC.
The 6 new fonts called Calibri, Cambria, Candara, Consolas, Constantia & Corbel are being installed by default on Windows© Code Name "Longhorn" Build 5048. But to give the users on XP and older also a taste of it, we have zipped the files which you can download here.

These fonts are incredible sharp and a must have.

Download :)


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Hell it took me a few secs, that's all. And no, I didn't time it. Sheeeesh. :p

They are nice, but the Candara and the Corbel are the ones me likes. Not so smooshed like the others and not so damn bold either. They're rounder and spread out a touch. :)

Oh... Thanks for the D/L NetRyder. I won't ask where ya got them from. Maybe the same place that Wallpaper came from... outta thin air. :rolleyes: :p
gonaads said:
Oh... Thanks for the D/L NetRyder. I won't ask where ya got them from. Maybe the same place that Wallpaper came from... outta thin air. :rolleyes: :p
Hehe, well the wallpaper did uh...come outta thin air. ;)
The fonts, on the other hand, are right there in the 5048 build that we received at WinHEC.

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