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logonui.exe infected with trojan....HELP


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When I do a virus scan it will delete all but this
logonui.exe trojan horse downloader generic YXS

remember...I am computer stupid

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Shamus MacNoob

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You need to run a full virus scan and a good spyware cleaner and clean up that machine , no one can tell you what will be removed or not from here, we do not have a crystal ball that shows us the infected files in your machine, just be carefull , make cd's or dvd's of your photos , music, and game saves if any just to be sure you dont loose everything.
i may be going completely off the ball with this... however if I remember correctly from my gui modding days-isn't logonui.exe a logon file for windows?

if so, why not replace it with another using logonui boot randomizer or a similar app?


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logonui.exe the system file lives in C:\Windows\System32 The trojan descibed is in a folder C:\Program Files\??curity <-- this will display as security. My advice would be to boot into safe mode and delete the C:\Program Files\Security folder.

Shamus MacNoob

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I do not see where anyone spoke of a hidden32.exe ... have you used a good virus cleaner , you need to delete the infected files, using a virus scanner, or back up all your things and start over.

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