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?Logitech MX1000 Laser?

not much use to americans perhaps, but to those of us in Europe these people sell the mx 1000 already - mine arrived on the 06/09 after ordering 3 days prior at 2am

http://pixmania.co.uk/ that has a link to the localised version of the site clcik your country then just pipe mx 1000 into the search box and away you go :D

and btw - it is a very very nice mouse, not as heavy or clumsy as the mx700 wakes up to hand movement instantly rather that the small delay *I* had with the mx 700 and it arrived almost fully charged - usefull cos mine didnt come with a uk mains adapter and I overslept today so couldnt buy a plug converter before coming to work at 9pm....

it is worth every penny I paid for it. I'm very glad I bought it.
mine came in from paris, stupid french people.. maplins is just up the road and cos Iw as lat I'll be working till 9am tommorw so they'll be open and I can get a convertor.

it is sooooo nice the reciever/charger thing backplate that the mouse rests on is semi-transparent too - looks very sleek.

I tried to resist temptation myself.... it didnt work, and I'm glad it didnt. If you want one, buy one, you will not be upset about it. I promise you.
okay that proves you are a geek so go buy an mx 1000 :D you REALLY need one that isnt so ugly.... that mouse of yours will make the desk so unsightly
I see EP gave in to temptation that is the luxury of the mx 1000 :D O i just need to work on him for a dual opteron now..

Howling wolf: I was referinf go tthe fact they were shipping to th euk and sent me a euro power supply not a uk one, not that it matters since I have a euro-uk converter :D

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