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Logitech MX1000 Laser club


The One and Only
This is the thread for those that have the MX1000 Laser mouse from Logitech. Tell what you like about it, what you don't like, or even ask questions about it if you're thinking about getting it.

To me, it's the greatest mouse EVER! Before it, i was using an MX500. good mouse, but not the greatest. This mouse..... flat out WOW! great extra button placement, better integrated cruise scroll buttons to make it look more streamlined, and the left/right scrolling wheel is MUCH better than the ones MS has on their new mice. It's not a 100% smooth scroll like MS's, it's just slightly more smooth than the MX500's scroll wheel. The laser can get kind of annoying though, but not in the sense that it's not good. i mean, the thing picks up so much detail... i couldn't even use the mouse pad i was using for my MX500. if i tried moving the mouse slowly on the mouse pad, the cursor would kinda jump around slightly. Now i just have to use it on my somewhat glossy black desk surface, and it works like a charm.

All i can really say is if you've been waiting to get a new mouse, get this one. you won't be disappointed in the least.


The One and Only
Figured i'd add a bit more info.

This mouse has excellent battery life. according to Logitech, it can last up to 21 days on a full battery charge (haven't gotten to test this yet due to the fact that i usually put it in the cradle every other day or every 3 days). The extra buttons are very well integrated and easily accessible, not to mention that there's a much better resting place for your thumb where the back and forward buttons are. No more of that annoying rubbing of the edge of your thumb against a mouse pad or desk. Overall the mouse is extremely comfortable. an excellent color too, if that's something that you look for too. black edges with a kind of midnight blue/grey color for the left+right mouse buttons and palm area. in the first picture, right were the camera flash glare is, is the battery meter. after a couple seconds of not being in use, the mouse goes into standby mode. If you've looked at other reviews about how well it does for gaming and the like, people say that it's not a gaming mouse because it's wireless, and the fact that when you pick the mouse up off of the desk surface, it goes into standby instantly, and has a second or so pause before it comes back to full functionality. they are incorrect, and probably have never even used the mouse. you can hold the mouse in the air even until it goes into standby, and as soon as you get the mouse near the desk, it comes right back on and is already moving, no delay whatsoever. The only time that there is a longer delay, and even then it's probably only about a second, is when the mouse has not been in use for about an hour or so. seems as if the mouse has 2 levels of standby.

In the second picture, you see the reset button for the mouse, and the on/off switch. then there's the laser sensor inside the silver circle, and the 2 contact points for the charging base station. Not sure if it's the same as on other mice, since some people said other wireless/bluetooth mice from Logitech sometimes gave them trouble where they had to fiddle with the mouse on the base station to get it to charge, the large groove in the bottom of the mouse is there so that when you put it in the base station, there's a raised bump near the bottom that fits right in there. no fiddling necessary, unless you have your charger placed too close to another object that holds the mouse away from the charging contact points.

The third picture shows the mouse on the base station/charger. the silver button you see on the front of the base is the reset button for the base. The base also has the Logitech logo on the panel where the mouse rests against, and that panel is semi-transparent as well.


geeks of osnn, you owe it to yourselves to buy this mouse. I didnt think they could get better than the mx700. They did.

The mx700 has a second or 2 lag if you leave it alone for a while, the mx 1000 responds instantly, just like a corded mouse, fits perfectly in my right hand and the thumb slot is just perfect.

this is the ultimate mouse to own at this point in time.


The One and Only
*points and NetRyder* it's a SIN not to get one of these. lol

just kidding, but it's probably not a good thing not to get one. LA and i both like it very much.

Electronic Punk

Staff member
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My only quirk with it, as I have told LA (Who you calling a geek!), is that it is not 100% level, or at least mine isn't

When I put it on a flat surface it wobbles a little, hopefully this is just imperfections of the little plastic stands which already have scratch marks on so will hopefully level themself out with use.

It is just as responsive in terms of signal as my MS Wireless Explorer (tho has no leather bits :p) but for movement itself very rapid, I can even have it hover about 2 inches off my deska nd move things around, not good if you are used to picking the mnouse up slightly and moving it 18 inches so you can et a good turn when you are gaming - getting used to that and my game scores are starting to pick up again ;)

Software is so-so, I can't say I have used any of the extra buttons yet, so not realy feeling any kind of difference.

The stand is an eye sore, but I guess we are compensated for that by the fact it charges the mouse


Debiant by way of Ubuntu

Nice find this thread - because I was just about to start one asking if there was any point in me moving from my M$ optical wireless!

Seems like there is! - Looking forward to making my order and joining the "club"

A couple of questions, will I need to keep my RF for my M$ multimedia k/b and is there any risk of cross interference between the two? (Not that I often mouse and type, but it does happen when gaming). Also is it sensitive to surface/mousepad? I have to ask that because I have a special glass "Ice-mat".

Last but not least no one put a link! So here is the Logitech site
also here is a USA purchase site and here is the UK one (notice it is "limited availability", can anyone post up a link where I might get one shipped to me for the weekend? Me wants baaad ;) )


Quazatron R6 droid
Goddarn it. I recently bought a MX700 and now this comes out :D

Looks like a nice mouse though. I'll probably buy the next model up, the MX1700 or whatever when it appears though.

A question though. It looks a bit smaller than the MX700 and a bit pudgy - is it easy to use in terms of gripping it? and did they think of left handed users as well this time in the design? (I'm not a L/H user but know people who are)

Electronic Punk

Staff member
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I am left handed but use my right house to control my mouse, I don't think it would work for left handed users, but I dunno we kuddywafters will adapt :p
Either way, fits nicely for people who use right, perhaps except for the wobble I experience (and LA).. would like to hear from other users - as petty as I am, I was tempted to take it back just because of that.

It won't be compatible with your current RF, but will quite happily work along side it, I don't think interferance will be an issue as both devices have a button to change frequencies, it won't interfere with your TV either (well uk anyway)

It will be less sensitive for mousepads than optical as the signal is alot stronger, like I said I can control mine about 2-3 inches above the surface - very minority report ;p

I haven't used a mouse mat for a long time tho, much prefer a large flat surface.


Debiant by way of Ubuntu
Electronic Punk said:
...I haven't used a mouse mat for a long time tho, much prefer a large flat surface.
yeah, that's why I use the ice-mat, it is like that (more or less), just makes surface more "glidey"....

so anyone who can post a linkie for a site that can ship me for weekend (UK, of course?)

[edit] for any other UK eshoppers I do NOT recommend here (they kept me waiting weeks) but you may want to try [/edit]here they shipped it in a couple of days! :)


Debiant by way of Ubuntu
Sorry to look the spammer - but one final question (I have ordered but would like to know in advance) being rechargeable does this take an extra power point? Or do they use the USB port power trick?

thanks in advance!
USB might not have provided the power to charge it fast enough. i mean, u can't get any better a charge time. 3-4 hours of charging to last about 21 days according to Logitech? what more can ya ask for.

And about the mouse pad.... you probably won't wanna use it much. looks soo much better on a desktop.

EP, u actually got one? WOO!! at least now LA and i ain't the only ones. lol. and the wobblyness, just a small price to pay for how awesome the mouse is. doesn't take too long till you pretty much ignore it though. sometimes if i'm bored i'll even wobble the mouse on purpose.

Electronic Punk

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Had one for a few weeks.
Was doing really well not getting one, as I have only had this leather ms one for a few weeks, but saw one in pcworld.

the bastards.


Debiant by way of Ubuntu
talking of bastards EP.... Pixmania promised me a three day lead time when I ordered, then they claimed no shipment received an put it off a week (saying logitech would ship more next week).... Next week comes and same thing happens! So I am still reverting to my crappy OEM wireless mouseball (let another user take my M$ optical)....

And all this time pixmania have my money - not only that I found it is a couple of quid cheaper from overclockers - AND they claim immeditate availability (of course no way to check if this is like Pixmanias claims, or in danger of double meeces!)... If Pixmania don't sort it I am contemplating requesting refund and taking my chances with overclockers - because I need to RMA with them and I know how fast their deilvery is from experience....

So yeah E.D. - I will post... one day.... one day :mad:


High On Life!
good thing i didnt buy anything yet, everytime i come close to buyin a logitech duo a new one comes out, when is the duo of this coming out, or is it already out?


The One and Only
heh. guess my surface ain't as fine grit sandpaperish as yours, EP. mine still has a slight wobble to it. but as i said before, after u use it for a while, u kinda ignore it or just don't remember it's there.

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