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Load an iPod Shuffle without iTunes

Recently, I discovered Shuffle_db purely out of necessity (admins don't particularly enjoy iTunes being installed!).

Very simple program; you copy all your audio files to your iPod Shuffle's root directory (provided you've put a proper database on it with iTunes), copy this program to the root directory, run it. Instant rebuilt database with no renaming of your songs! Uninstall itunes! Your iPod is yours again in the simplest manner possible.


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Re: F iTunes...How to load your Shuffle w/o it.

There's also Ephpod (http://www.ephpod.com/) that works for regular iPods.

However I recently went back to iTunes after Ephpod managed to screw up the directory structure on my 4G iPod.

Well at least that's what I think caused it after talking to a Mac "Genius". I lied to him about using iTunes, and he told me that the directory structure on the iPod was screwed up, so the iPod didn't know where to look properly for a particular song. And I concluded that Ephpod was the cause.

But this shouldn't really distract you from trying out either of these programs. I had been using Ephpod for over a year on my old machine and probably would have continued using it even with the one problem I had just because it didn't slow down my old system like iTunes. However, my new laptop can handle iTunes well so I've gone back to it.


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Re: F iTunes...How to load your Shuffle w/o it.

Had it on my Shuffle since the original release. Using iTunes is just easier though, plus there's no version for the nano (yet). :D


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SharePod is fantastic - it allows transfers in both directions - with no need for iTunes (spit!)

It is on the wiki link ^^ from grandmaster

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