Live webcam

Does anyone know how to set up a live webcam at home which I can view
remotely when I'm at work work.

I do not want to go through a webcam provider.


I may actually be insane.
Ezergeezer Pm'd me regarding this, so I answered via reply, but as Marge says, there's software linked on camportal :)
Hey Speedy, I checked out the page and have downloaded Fwink
a neat little webacam proggy, but I cant seem to get the ftp right to get pic
in my webspace.
I think its the Directory path not sure what it's supposed to be.
Any ideas?


I may actually be insane.
Here's what I'd have mine set to as an example:

FTP Server:
User Name: ******
Password: ******
Directory: htdocs/
File Name: cam.jpg

directory on my other host would be "public_html/" depends on what your host is running and how things are setup. One way of checking is to ftp in to your host using a normal FTP client ( is a good free client) and check what folder you have to go into before getting to the public files.
No Joy

This is what I have

FTP Server:
User Name: ******
Password: ******
Directory: webcam/
File Name: webcam.jpg

Still cant figure it out!

Dont know what you mean by 'Public_html', I have my own webspace,
I have created a folder in the root directory called 'webcam', to which I'm pointing the jpg file I think!


I may actually be insane.
Ah, you're using ISP web-space, you probably won't have the initial sub-folder then.

That all seems right, you should be able to access that via

you may want to try putting a forward-slash before the directory, /webcam/ see if that works. Other than that, have you tried enabling/disabling the "Use Passive FTP" option?

Totally dumb founded mate, tried all you said, didnt work. I feel
sure it's something to do with the path and directory, so I placed
an image in the 'webcam' folder and typed in what the address is
and it's shows the piccy, so why cant I point the ftp in right direction to
pump the piccy there!

This is what I have

FTP Server:
User Name: ******
Password: ******
File Name: image.jpg

Help :confused:


I may actually be insane.
Problem is that I don't have a Windows box to play with (actually, I do, it's not set-up though, and I gave my web-cam away) so I'm trying to remember Fwink from memory.

I can't remember if it gives you a detailed error when you hit the take picture button or not? If you continue to have problems give Dogrem a try ( it's very similar, nice and easy to use.

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